Yamaha XS500C A bargain classic Jap twin 1978

Yamaha XS500C A bargain classic Jap twin 1978

This 2 owner, Ex Isle of Man prize when new, XS500C has only 15k on the clock having spent more years stood than being riden. No it’s not minto as we left the few stone chips etc on the tank and it could do with a new seat cover.(I do have a perfect seat from a previous job but that owes 225 pounds and the new owner might just want to put a seat cover on).But you tell me another classic Yamaha of just about any cc, let alone a 500 twin that you can buy for £1995???

Just arrived is this late registered Triumph Speed Four. Generally in good order with some nice extras. Unfortunately it did pick up some minor marks on the nose fairing while being transported but hopefully this is reflected in the low starting price. Originally one of a pair we bought from an estate sale, we have applied for the V5 and should be with us soon, we will also carry out a fresh MOT prior to collection by its new owner. Based on the TT600 and with a very short production run, these great middleweights are destined to become collectable so grab a whole lot of fun for not alot of money while you still can

Originally built to order for a long term friend of ours, this now rare RD80MX was discovered by a contact we use in a shed where it had stood for…..well lets say a long time! Our friend wanted a replica of the bike he had when he was 17 and as, although not in bad condition but it was a black bike, he wanted it in red. After many phone calls we tracked down in Germany, what had to be the last NOS full body kit left in existence, it even had the seat, so at a cost of over £800 it was purchased and used in the rebuild. Starting at the front we went through the bike replacing where required, his remit was he wanted a very nice bike but not one that he could not use so please leave some age to it in places, which i think we achieved (well he was very happy!). Previous to us buying it the piston was replaced and as such the engine now starts easily and pulls nicely, we have not wrung its neck as it still requires a level of running in, but once moving it feels quite willing. Gear box is smooth as is the clutch. Brakes were gone through and work as intended. A new rear shock was fitted as the old ones piston had corroded and was weeping, not badly but it would not of lasted much longer. We did use one from a DT80M/X slightly heavier duty as its new owner is a stone or two heavier than when he was 17 🙂  but aren’t we all! All the electrics work so basically its ready to go.

The bike stayed with us while he was building a “man cave” which was where he was going to keep it, that never happened for personal reasons and soon after asking us to re mot it for him, he has had to take the hard decision to sell it after all that! Lucky for him, although he spent far more than the asking price, the values of all small 2 strokes have risen dramatically, we now live in a world where a mint original UK FS1E Yamaha is valued at well over 5K, so he will not loose to much by selling it.

Rare when new and now even more so is this 1983 Yamaha XS 1.1S that apart from the obvious 4 into 1 exhaust system, which incidently sounds very nice, appears to of survived with all of its original fixtures that were perculiar to this model. In genearally very good order it will be supplied with a fresh MOT prior to sale.

Unfortunately at some point in its past, it was deemed as beyond economical repair, probably back when you could still but an FS1E for a couple of hundred pounds! We have been over the bike and apart from one small soft dent on the tank, that in itself does not look like crash damage, we can find nothing obvious, maybe it was stolen recovered, who knows? Either way it rides very nicely, gear box and shaft drive are smooth while the engine pulls willingly. They are a heavy bike but it still picks up its skirt and goes well.

There are some old MOTs and also a hand written record of servicing from 24K miles to 52580 so someone looked after it well. With prices for good XS1100s now regularly over 5K, our last one sold for 6400 and that was not a “S”, even with its history and lets face it very few 40 year old bikes have not been over at some time, it is priced to sell.

Stored for over a decade but luckily sprayed in some sort of protective substance that has done it’s job. Yes it has some minor corrosion but nothing that would not polish with a bit of effort. Has had a new battery and a carb kit, now starts and past a slight exhaust blow when cold, runs very well. All electrics work, breaks are good, tyres are old but look like hardly used, in fact it has survived remarkably well! Comes with a lot of nice extras, seat, back rest, tank etc. The two tone paintwork will polish nicely with just a few minor marks and slight bubbling on the leading edge of the front guard. Check out its on line MOT history and although there is no telling prior to when the tank mounted speedo was fitted, you will see its done very little mileage over the last decade, i think its two miles since last MOT in 2009 where prior to that it had been noted that the rear tyre was getting close, the tyre on it now looks like it has only done 2 miles! The side panel/battery cover is missing, there is one on order and a service and MOT will be carried out at the asking price. With prices definately on the way up for these earlier 883s its an investment as well as something you can get on and enjoy.

Coming to us after “resting” for a decade in a dry warm but dusty garage, is this very nice, rare in this colour, year 2000 Yamaha XJR1300. Now having had a full carb sonic clean and rebuild with all new internal components, a new battery and a clutch slave cylinder rebuild, its back up on its toes and sounding lovely courtesy of its pair of “Predator” stainless steel silencers. Next was a deep clean to get the years of dust off and i think you will agree it came up very nicely with very little signs of the corrosion these early Yamahas can suffer from. The 35K on the clock, which is low for a 22 year old bike, is backed up by its service book, further invoices for service work etc and old MOTs seem to back this up, in fact it has only done 20 miles since its last MOT and that was in 2012!! Obviously it will come with a fresh MOT which will be carried out prior to collection by its next owner, along with its supplying dealers wallet containing the original owners handbook, data tag paper work and every MOT certificate from day one . These are a great riding proper “Muscle Bike” and with values increasing day by day, make for a great investment.

One of three bikes that came to us after their owner passed and they were left standing, is this Honda CB450DX. As you can see by the box, heated grips and additional lights, this was the bike he used for comuting, it had already suffered a bit on the corrosion front prior to being laid up, but with a wipe down looks better already.
Mechanically and electrically everything works and with a quick strip and clean of the carbs (there is a slight leak on one of them so further work needed there) and a new battery, in typical Honda fashion it started straight up. BUT, there is always a but, the exhaust down pipes have each have a small pin prick type hole in them and while running,riding, stopping and starting, it does need further work. So we are offering it as a project at only £895, that includes the original “Krauser” Top box and frame and they are worth a bit. Cheers. G

This lovely RD350 arrived with us a bit sorry for itself, having just been imported. Now after a lot of time and effort it has been “revived” and looks the business! First thing we discovered was it was a matching numbers 350 that someone had fitted a 250 top end to and registered it as such? Now with a new set of barrels and pistons (will need to be run in) and the appropriate jets fitted, it is back to being a 350 again, this was just the start of a long process. You can see in the pictures just how much work has been carried out so interested parties are asked to contact us rather than writing pages of details in this ad as my secretary has gone on strike .

Coming to us from a long term friend, a very well respected person in the M/c world round here for his engineering skills,is this first year of production Suzuki GS Thou and it is just….well, lovely! A really nice example of Suzuki’s all conquering late 70s Super bike, which apart from the all black wheels,( we do have a set of non painted ones that can be available by separate negotiation), Hagon rear shocks, braided brake lines and progressive rate front fork springs (not that you can see them), is pretty well standard. Not restored by our friend but maintained and improved by him, he had been looking for a bike to convert into a Wes Cooley rep but when this one arrived after buying it blind, it was just to good to do that too so he set about making it ride 100%, no sooner he accomplished that ? Yep, you guessed it, a Wes Cooley rep came up for sale with all the right bits on so he bought that one as well !! Now the problem of space meant he just couldn’t keep both so hence why we are now the proud owners of one of the nicest early GS1000s on the market today. No its not cheap, nor is it over priced for a “turn key” 43 year old Classic Suzuki and lets face it, for some reason if it had Kawasaki written on the tank and in this condition, it would be £10K more, figure that!

Now fully UK registered on a correct age related “53” plate is this rare two year only “B” model V-Rod. Full details to follow.