Yamaha TDR125R Rare Belgarda model. Full Power

Yamaha TDR125R Rare Belgarda model. Full Power

Full details to follow

Before we start, no this bike is not mint/restored etc. It arrived with us partially dismantled and with no paint work so we set about putting it back as you now see it and instead of doing our usual thing and going the whole hog, offering it as a cheaper alternative for someone to get the chance to either just use it as is, or as an excellent starting point to restore.

The paintwork is not nice, which is why it was previously removed from another bike, definitely a home brew job as petrol removes the top coat if not careful. The front forks were corroded as normal so have had new stanchions and seals. The front and rear guards appear to be originals which are made of “unobtanium” nowadays, both are solid with good chrome, with the front having some dents. Exhausts have both had a weld near to where they meet the down pipe but otherwise are presentable. The motor starts easily, has “K and N style filters” and is still running the autolube system, the clutch and gearbox are good. Brakes wise a previous owner has fitted a new master cylinder and braided hose to the front and both front and rear work well. All the lighting works well with good switch gear and a nice set of clocks are there too. Both tyres are good, the rear still has hairs on it so pretty new, rims are good and there is what looks like a new chain and sprocket fitted. The seat? Well although it does still have the very rare seat trim (look at what they sell for on Flea Bay) and the cover is salvageable if you want to kepp the original, the base and foam are finished plus there are no hinges.

Looking on the V5 the bike appears to be a UK bike but it is NOT numbers matching as the engine number is different to what’s on the V5 so if that sort of thing worries you its not for you and the bike was originally Blue so if staying red will need to be changed, personally i would respray it back to that rather nice blue they came in, sorted! So there you have it, a sensibly priced early RD that runs and rides no more no less.

This great “survivor” example of a 1977 Suzuki GT500 came to us as a potential restoration project, but on arrival we realised it was just to original to start taking it apart and set about “reviving” it instead, while keeping it original where possible.
Imported from the States in 2019 (that’s what probably saved it, being out there for so long) it does have some signs of age to the chrome parts,the worse bit being between the fork legs on the mudguard, but it’s still solid and ultimately repairable if you did want to take the bike to show levels. There are a couple of chips to the paintwork, mainly on the tank, the rest shines up nicely. Engine wise that big old 500cc 2 stroke twin fires up first kick most of the time and pulls well on the road, gearbox clutch, brakes etc all function correctly and a new chain has just been fitted. Tires are ok but are a bit old so at the asking price will be changed. GT500’s back in the day, were looked on as the poor alternative to the triples and as such were used and abused, then thrown away, now you just don’t see them. Prices are definitely on the up but they still look good value compared to others of the era. This one is offered at £5495, half the price of a good RD400!

Just in from Europe is this very pretty and good condition 1989 FZ750. Looking to be a very original bike, its paintwork has survived very well, past the odd chip/mark here and there and some slight crazing to the yellow stripe on the tank, hardly noticeable though. What is noticeable, once pointed out, is the extra “carbon fibre” look tape each side orf the fairing cowl, not having removed it would take a guess that here will be some cracking round the fairing bolt holes where it meets the fairing sides, common to find on early bodywork such as this, not that it detracts from the bikes looks but it is there, along with the very rare original seat cowl!!

The engine is excellent, starts first time and is very quiet, pulling very well for a bike of this age (damn these were good bikes, why Yamaha never sold more of them, only him upstairs knows!!) gearbox and clutch are slick, brakes etc are all very good. The speedo is showing very low miles but don’t think its the original, its a European model with an American 55MPH marked MPH clock so has been changed at some point you would think, having said that looking at its general condition and listening to the engine, it cant of done a lot of work? We have ordered replacement rear indicator mounts, hence why they are not on the bike in the pictures, the mounts were all droopy from them big old original indicators being kicked all the time over the years, getting on and off the bike and desperately needed changing.

Full age related UK registration will be carried out, once DVLA sort themselves out and get back to work along with a fresh MOT.

Imported from Italy in March 1997, then bought by its only owner in August of the same year, this very nice Suzuki GSX750E has had an easy life since, spending more of its time in a garage having bits done and being polished, than actually being ridden. Its last owner tells us that he hardly rode it at all in the last nine years, just getting it out on the road for the odd occasion, last MOTs were done in 2013 then 2018. He has however in that time, fitted stainless braided hoses to the brakes front and rear, a 4×1 Jama exhaust system, upgraded the ignition with new coils and leads, fitted a “Pingle” fuel tap so no more bothersome vacuum tap, sports seat, flat bars, crash bars and had the wheel rims plus the fork lower legs polished. As you can see he also had the bike painted into this rather unusual for a Suzuki, orange colour. The paint whether you like it or not, is bright and shiny and while not being factory finish is presentable enough if you want to leave it. Personally i think the colour is fine but it needs some original style graphics to break it up. There is a small almost un-noticeable dink on the very front/side of the tank and the odd stone chip, plus the r/h side panel has one of its mounting lugs broken, not that you can see that with the panel on. All simple things to do if you were to elect to paint it.
What is more complicated is that coming from Italy in KMH there have been various attempts to fit UK MPH clocks, none particularly successful, the last being what are fitted now. These the actual speedo reads as do the idiot lights and fuel gauge, but the rev counter is temperamental (reads low) and the odometer is not registering, so mileage wise, who knows?? Its a case of judge its condition and make your own mind up.
Having stood so much, prior to sale it will have a service and carbs balanced plus an MOT included in the price. These big 4 cylinder 4 strokes of the 70s and 80s are getting more and more desirable as the days go by and prices reflect this with the like of Z9s, CBX1000s etc now commanding very high prices.This is filtering down to the lower cc stuff with bikes such as this getting harder and harder to find at sub 4K and mint ones are much more. So ride it and look after it, its value will go up.

Now with us is this very pretty and rare to find in black, 1990 5.3 V12 XJS Convertible. This car has benefited from a bare metal respray on the outside and new carpets, restored wood and reconolised leather on the inside. It’s been a Labour of love by it’s owner and now right when it just needs the final minor things to finish, he has to sell it due to personal circumstances. It drives very well (gearbox recently serviced) with no nasty bangs or rattles. Engine is smooth, sounds great out of the exhausts, shows great oil pressure and no signs of any problems. Brakes etc all function as designed but the abs light has come on since a new battery was fitted. The electric windows, locks and convertible roof all operate correctly. Coming with the car is a file of paperwork that has reciepts etc showing the work carried out over the years and there is a current mot through to October.
Minor bits I know that need to be sorted, there may be others, are things like the light switches for the interior lights don’t appear to work and their small wood surround was lost when all the wood was refinished, so a replacement has been found but it’s not as shiny. Front headlight wipers have also gone missing and the steering wheel is slightly out of line when driving (tracking?). You can use as is and sort out the little niggles as you go. Prices of XJS Jags have gone up massively year on year, this one is offered at £16995 so well down on comparable cars, but it needs to go now not in the middle of summer.

This great “bruiser” Suzuki was rare in its day and even rarer today. By using the GSXR1100 motor all be it with smaller carbs and softer cams and equiped with shaft drive, Suzuki made the GSX “G” a great all round bike, one that could tour effortlessly but when needed cover great distances at speed.

After having been stood a while and on arriving with us we found it to be running poorly. The fault was traced to what is becoming more and more of a problem, the ethanol in our modern petrol had basically eaten the original carb floats plus the float level needles and seats!! So on top of the usual oil and filter change a new set of floats, needles and seats and a new set of spark plugs have all been fitted, now it runs properly!

With just under 40K on the clock this good condition example would make a great every day classic or with a bit of work an unusual bike at a classic show. A whole lot of bike at not a lot of money in a world where a moped can be for sale at £10K!!

Well where do we start with this one? Back after the war when the Americans pulled out of the Philippines they left a raft of military equipment and vehicles behind them. Amongst it was a number of Willys jeeps, these soon became a status symbol amongst the locals but the climate, being what it is on an island in the middle of a sea, soon took its toll on the unprotected metal parts and they rusted away. The Philipino people who are very good at this sort of thing, started to produce various replacement panels to repair the original with culminating in full bodies being produced in steel. These also rust so the next step was to produce the bodies in 100% stainless steel which is what we have here. You have to say the skill involved in hand beating and bending panels to make these is truly amazing!

This particular shell was purchased and then mounted onto a Daihatsu Sport Track 4×4 chassis and retains the full 4 wheel drive system, its 1600cc 16 valve engine and 5 speed box, this gives a crazy mix of Japanese engineering below a body that could of come out of the 1940s if you choose to put the earlier option and traditional round headlights back on.

On the road it drives well with the engine and box working well, yes it’s a bit bouncy but then all small jeeps feel like that, the power steering give a good feel and the brakes work very well. The inside for what it is, has a full complement of clocks (Note fuel gauge not working and speedo appears slow) and the rack of 4 spot lights mounted on the overhead roll bar work as blue halo style lights as well as spot lights, rear lights are full LED units. Seating is comfortable but we had to remove the rear seats for the MOT as they can tilt forward under emergency breaking and need to be modified if you want to use them on the road.

MOT was carried out July 2020 and it passed with no advisories so it’s ready to have fun this summer. Go on dare to be different and have some fun either on road or off.

There is a colour matched material roof with the car but to be honest we have not even fitted it.

Anyone fancy what is probably if not the best then definately one of the best 930 Turbo Porsches’ available today. This car has cost near to £650,000 to get to this level and now could be considered a “bargain” at half that, £325,000
This 1982 Porsche 930 is fully converted officially to Ruf BTR spec+. Conversion done by RUF in Singapore and further enhancements carried out to achieve FIA race track worthy performance as and when needed.
Some of its spec!!
Ruf 3.4L BTR engine, Ruf dials, Ruf 6 speed short bellhousing G50 base gearbox, 965 spec intercooler, original Porsche ABS system, FIA certified roll cage, ATL FIA 2018 certified 100 L Fuel cell.
And now for some bedtime reading here’s a brief resume of the car by its current owner.

Anyway, this is what has been done to the car so it is rather special as it was built to do competitive racing at An F1 race circuit but is now street legal and has a wonderful set up – very competent on roads.

1.Full RUF conversion package done officially by Ruf Singapore. A lot more work was done subsequently. There is a RUF letter of Authenticity. Essentially it’s a RUF BTR which includes 3.4L engine with Ruf custom spec pistons, cams, conrods, intake plenum, heads, crankcase, intake filter and housing, K29 hybrid turbo, 965 type intercooler
2. Ruf G50 short bellhousing base 6 speed transmission with special wevo shifter kit
3. Full 965 Turbo original body panels
4. Ruf rear reflector lights
5. Special custom Ruf dials and RUF alcantara wrapped steering wheel
6. Full rose jointed front suspension
7. RUF 18” Speedline Rims and another set of customized RUF Speedline 18”forged rims with offset to remove any requirements for spacers.
8. Carbon Kevlar bonnet
9. Carbon fibre 993 GT2 spoiler which results in sub 75 degree temp when driving at speeds. Air cooled at its best
10. PCCB braking system with with rare and specially customized ABS
11. 993 rear subframe and brand new arms, suspension and bushings (2020)
12. Bilstein adjustable coil overs
13. New (2018) ATL 100L FIA approved fuel cell with hardware
14. RS lightweight interior door panels
15. Heigo roll cage (now partially removed to Re-install rear seats. -full roll cage kit available)
16. 2 X 993 GT2 Recaro racing bucket seats with 6 point racing harness against roll cage available /now with conventional road seat belts.
17. New aircon system and additional compressor affixed. Super cold.
18. Carbon Fibre doors.
19. Lexan rear windows and screens.
20. Brand new race clutch ( 2019/600km) and clutch plates (Turbokraft USA).
21. 2018 RS3 Mountain Forest Green paintwork. Modern expression of original 930 Turbo Green of 1982.
22. Complete Alcantara and Nappa leather interior including rear seats and special visor.

This car provides and unparalleled direct driving experience that current super cars just cannot match.
A one of a kind supreme road car, which doesn’t betray the lines and philosophy of its blue blooded roots. The details in the car bare testament to the passion and indulgence the current owner has shown. This is a not to be missed opportunity to acquire a truly well put together motoring marvel. Presently located with RUF and its Singapore associates.
Shipping to your country is included in the asking price ( once full payment has been recieved) but all local duties and costs there after are the full and total responsibilty of the purchaser.

This 1977 Renault 6 was owned by the same family in the same area of Spain its entire life and was in daily use up to 2006 when the its by then elderly owner gave up driving and parked it in a garage, there it stayed until late last year when it was sold by the family to my colleague in Spain on our behalf. Luckily the family had kept it regularly run up to temperature and moved it in and out of the garage so needing not much more than a replacement radiator, expansion tank , battery and a visit to our valeters ( as in the pictures, have you seen the weather outside?) it is now ready for a new home here in the UK. Fully UK registered on the correct “R” suffix and historic tax class so MOT and Tax exempt.

These great little cars are very rare at the best of times but to see one this clean inside and out is very unusual. It has been repainted at some point in its life but it must of been some time ago now and the paint while not looking daft with that “fresh out of the gun “look, shines up very nicely. Under the bonnet is excellent with the inner wings etc looking as good as new. Interior is also very good, seat covers are slightly loose after all these years but not damaged, dash is excellent with all functions working, even the aftermarket oil pressure and temperature gauges, unfortunately there is some minor damage to the roof lining, not serious but enough to be annoying looking at the rest of the interior.

Mechanically it feels strong on the roads, brakes clutch etc work well and while not ever to be described as fast, its 1036 cc motor pulls it along happily and is amazingly torquey, pulling out of corners in third gear with no need to down change. As you can see in the pictures, it has a set of rare “Gordini” wheels fitted (2 are originals 2 are copies) these are staying on the car, the spare is of the original type fitted to the car.

With probably one of the best informed and nice car clubs to help with classic Renault ownership, these great small Renaults are not only easy to upkeep, but are fun to own and great for a Renault enthusiast, a first classic car owner or just someone that wants to go to shows in something different from the norm. Prices are slowly rising as more people come to appreciate their charm.

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