Yamaha RD250C 1976

Yamaha RD250C 1976

Just arrived with us so waiting its valet and UK registration, is this very nice RD250C that benefits from being pretty much a one year, one market (Germany) model having the sought after wire wheels but with a rear brake disc instead of a drum brake. Looking pretty original on arrival the paint has been renwed and a new seat cover fitted. Otherwise apart from a few bits like new mirrors and levers it is pretty much as arrived. Showing the equivalent of 22500 miles, we have fitted a new MPH speedo but the odometer is untouched and will still record in KMs, looking at the rest of the cycle parts we believe this to be correct but as always cannot guarantee this. The motor starts more or less at first kick and clutch, brakes etc operate smoothly and again rare, one key fits all the locks.
A couple of negatives are the rear grab handle to assist you getting it on the center stand is missing and the back of the seat does sit very slightly high until you press your hand down on it.
No it is not a mint show bike hence not £7k going on some prices you see today, but still very nice, more of a bike you can actually ride and enjoy.

Our lovely “survivor” 1974 Kawasaki H1 triple has survived miraculously well, yes the paint has aged and there are signs where stickers have been removed of the tank, exposing none sun dimned paint and the odd mark here and there, but these are more like long service medals and worn with pride. Personally I would leave as is but if the next owner wants a pristine show bike, that’s their choice. The bright work is excellent, even the standard exhausts! The motor fires into life easily and makes that great noise only Kawasaki triples make. All the electrics work as intended and even the standard air box is there in its entirety, along with the often removed center stand. Unfortunately the same cannot be said about the rear guard which again was fashionable to be removed back in the day. One very nice upgrade that has been fitted is the addition of an extra brake disc up front, giving it a twin disc setup rather than the “marginally effective” standard single unit.
If you are still reading this, I don’t need to waffle on about how rare these are getting in this sort of unmessed condition, prices have gone up, not year on year, more month on month and this will soon be another £10k plus bike, so priced at £7995 it represents not only their youth for many of our customers, but a damn good investment. Let’s face it, with the way banks are going, soon you will be charged for the privilege of giving them your money, plus you can’t ride your bank balance down the road or open your garage and show your mates it!

This GS1000 “special” arrived with us as an unfinished project after a previous owner had spent a lot of time and effort getting it to that stage and then either ran out of time, money or enthusiasm, not sure which?

Shame really as the work that had been carried out was of a high standard but we set about getting it finished and now are happy in the way it has turned out. As you can see by the pictures it has had the front suspension and wheels from a Suzuki GSF1200 Bandit, the wheels themselves are highly polished and fitted with “wavy “brake discs front and rear along with the Bandits brake callipers. The aftermarket, braced alloy rear swinging arm that has been fitted to allow the use of a 180 profile rear tyre is again highly polished and has concentric chain adjusters plus paddock stand bobbins. Up front the clocks have been replaced with a modern full LCD readout system which is now fully functioning and a set of Renthal bars have been fitted.

Bodywork wise the paint has a very subtle gold fleck in it, which we mirrored when having the one off “bespoke” all metal single seat unit made, there are a couple of small marks in the tanks paint but really nothing you would want to respray it for.

Engine and mechanics wise, having been stood we had the carbs sonic cleaned, new plugs , battery etc and now its on the button and revs well, obviously in this weather we have not had a chance to test it properly so once under heavy load there might be a case for re-jetting considering it is on filters and a 4 into 1 exhaust, the exhaust by the way seems quite heavily baffled so no not particularly loud, I personally would “open” it up a bit but that’s up to the next owner.

With prices of standard GS1000s being what they are today, finding a donor bike to customise like this one is getting cost prohibitive so there are not likely to be many “built” bikes like this one appearing for sale, especially at this price which is probably an awful lot less than what has been spent in total. So if you’re into your classic Jap big fours but want something a bit different, have a good look at this one, it might just fit the bill.

Now with us is this very pretty and rare to find in black, 1990 5.3 V12 XJS Convertible. This car has benefited from a bare metal respray on the outside and new carpets, restored wood and reconolised leather on the inside. It’s been a Labour of love by it’s owner and now right when it just needs the final minor things to finish, he has to sell it due to personal circumstances. It drives very well (gearbox recently serviced) with no nasty bangs or rattles. Engine is smooth, sounds great out of the exhausts, shows great oil pressure and no signs of any problems. Brakes etc all function as designed but the abs light has come on since a new battery was fitted. The electric windows, locks and convertible roof all operate correctly and there is a current mot through to October.
Minor bits I know that need to be sorted, there may be others, are things like the light switches for the interior lights don’t appear to work and their small wood surround was lost when all the wood was refinished, so a replacement has been found but it’s not as shiny. Front headlight wipers have also gone missing and the steering wheel is slightly out of line when driving (tracking?). You can use as is and sort out the little niggles as you go. Prices of XJS Jags have gone up massively year on year, this one is offered at £15995 so well down on comparable cars, but it needs to go now not in the middle of summer.

Just arrived and waiting for its age related UK registration, is this lovely example of Suzuki’s 1993 Hyper Sports bike, the GSXR750WP. With only 26778 KMS on the clock (16736 miles) and a full service history, this bike has survived exceptionally well and is destined to become, if not already, the next big “must have” for the collector or just the rider that wants something a bit special, different if you like, that can be used and enjoyed while its value increases.

All this on a bike thats price is much less than the price of a half decent 125cc new bike and one that in the right hands, would still embarrass lesser riders on a modern superbike! Stunning value for money!!

Purchased by the current owner for a particular purpose, which has now not happened so is no longer required. This rare to find in LHD format Rav 4 has had an easy life being owned most of its life by one family and used at their French home. It was then part ex’d by them for a larger 4×4 and that was when the current owner purchased it.

Outside is very good with no nasty damage just the odd mark here and there, its not new but very good all the same. Interior is excellent and has recently had an uprated stereo and a MPH readout fitted for more convenience when being used here in the UK.

Mechanically it is very good and will have a fresh MOT, not that it has done hardly any miles since the last one, just sat unused. These great 4x4s are known for there reliability and often are seen with very high miles, with the equivelant of only 83000 miles on the clock this one has many miles left in it yet.

So if you are looking for something LHD that will take you into Europe when we are allowed again, or for driving to your villa in Spain while coping with more or less anything you throw at it, this would be ideal.

So rare to find nowadays, especially in this condition! Not been restored, move “revived” as it came to us after the previous owner had already fitted a new seat cover and a few other bits. With the general condition of the paintwork and rest of the bike, leading us to think but as ever, not guaranteed, the very low mileage of 11600 miles could be correct. Checking the MOT history this also backs this up with regular MOTs taking place each year up to 2012 when it had 11439 on the clock.

We fitted new battery and front tyre and tube, past that it was just a good clean out of the carb, a new flasher unit, spark plug, a couple of bulbs, a full check over and it went straight through its MOT, so now has one till 2022.

No it is not mint/brand new but it is a very pretty example that will not look out of place in a collection. As with all Japanese two stroke bikes, they are getting very sought after and being they were the staple diet of learner riders and commuters back in the day and, so few have survived.

Condition is pretty much as you can see in the pictures, very nice all round with the interior being particularly good. Exterior is very straight and solid, yes if you look closely you can find faults in the grey upper section where it has been painted to “two tone” the car, but no nothing you would rectify if you intend to work the car, or even just drive to enjoy it, just a real deep polish would make it even nicer.

History unfortunately is lacking, past its mot history and an invoice for the last work carried out. The owner took it in Px against a RR Shadow he was selling and as he already has a DS on his fleet, it is surplus to requirement. It was running fine but had a hesitation, eventually it was traced to water in the fuel system, this has been cured and now the motor is very smooth. I had to start it when, it was minus 3 here and had not been started for days, choke on, turn the key and off he went, no bother. I have taken it out for a quick drive and everything works nicely, engine is powerful, auto box functions as designed even the blower and heater work. Brakes pull up straight, it’s a big car so you cannot take liberties but that’s not how it’s supposed to be driven. Steering is light and no creaks or groans from the suspension.
Inside the only negative I have found is the glass privacy screen, tends to stick half way up, figure with a bit of a lube it should be fine as the motor etc obviously works. It has the 7 seater optional seating which are in the same lovely condition as the rest of the interior. If you do want to use it as a limousine or wedding car, give it a polish and set it to work. Being this late in the production run, this particular car would of been one of the virtually hand built cars by a team at Jaguar as VDP had closed by then, I think that’s why it has survived so well.

Being a 1981 and in this rare colour scheme this particular XS1100 must be a late in the production run bike as production of this model stopped in 81. Not ever big sellers like some of the other late 70s superbikes, GS1000 Z1000 etc and being a shaft drive bike, numbers were never great, this makes it even more rare today, especially to of survived in such good condition. Having spent the last 17 odd years in the ownership of a private collector it has just been recommisioned, carbs striped and cleaned, fresh fuel and fresh brake fluid and now running well and being offered for sale on its owners behalf. Cosmetics are very good, not mint as has the odd marks here and there with a couple of very small soft dents to the tank done from something falling against it while standing, no paint damage and hard to see but all the same, there. Appearing to be pretty well all original apart from the obvious 4 into 1 and according to the rider that delivered it “puling like a train” you could happily use it as every day but classic transport, without worrying to much about getting it wet or if not it would be an excellent base to restore from. Prices are now like all Jap classics, well on the way up for good examples and this one is still affordable to mere mortals. So grab a blast from your past while you still can and just enjoy owning it.
NOTE. Price includes a new MOT prior to collection.

Now with us is this rare to see 1991 Suzuki GSX750F. Comes with a lot of old MOTs backing up the recorded mileage of only 28K and a current MOT through to 21st October 2021, having only covered 3800 miles since records began in 2005 but MOTd yearly. Appearing to be all original apart from a larger touring style front screen and a set of Oxford heated grips. Body work is actually pretty good, just a couple of chips in the paint on the tank, the odd mark here and there and the belly pan is off colour to the rest of the bike. But considering these bikes were always the alternative to a full sports version, one that you could commute on but still have some fun, with Suzuki utilising the good old/air cooled 4 pot motor from the same family as their Bandit etc and normal suspension all to keep the price down, its survived very well. Now a “classic” Jap 4 cylinder bike that is still affordable and one you can use as a “daily” or restore to show, where its likely to be the only one there.