Nissan Skyline R34 2.5 non turbo tiptronic 1998

Nissan Skyline R34 2.5 non turbo tiptronic 1998 £7,995

Having originally imported this stuning and very rare Nissan R34 Skyline for the wife. When a bit later she fancied a change, i took the car to the detailer we use for a pre sale treat. He fell in love with it and bought it there and then! Well as you can imagine as much as there is no better fed animal than a butchers dog, the same goes for a car belonging to a car detailer. Now apart from the cleaning side of things he also upgraded the brakes using 300ZX calipers and discs, refurbished its very rare split rim wheels, fitting new tyres and fully serviced it as well then put it into storage with me each winter. Now with his business flourishing he realises that with no time on his hands, it will not be getting used anytime soon so he may as well sell it. Powered by Nissans legendary 6 cylinder NEO6 RB25 DET engine which in this non turbo spec is still quoted at 200 horses, coupled to a silky smooth automatic gearbox with tip-tronic and steering wheel mounted button controlled shifting and still with less that 50k miles in total covered. What you have is an excellent 5 seater 4 door car that turns heads for everyday use with the family or friends in the back and a damn quick and very sure footed ” GT” car capable of covering large distances at a ( legal) rate of knots which is also more than welcome at your local car meet or show. All this for only £7995

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