Fiat (Seat)131 Supermirafiori 1600TC Rust free and original. 1979

Fiat (Seat)131 Supermirafiori 1600TC Rust free and original. 1979 £4,495

I have to say before I start that “I do like a Twin-cam” and Mr Lampredi knew what he was doing when he designed this one for Fiat! The 1600cc version under the bonnet of this nice Fiat 131 Supermirafiori that we have just imported from Spain, is an excellent example of this. Helped no doubt by being owned for many years by a mechanic that specialised in early Fiats, it’s now 40 years old and still just as willing to be rev’d and enjoyed, especially when mated to an also excellent 5 speed gearbox.

Like most mechanics cars this one this one has obviously been very well maintained, on its test drive I could find no faults, unfortunately he has been jumping in the car with dirty overalls on and the drivers seat will need a deep clean plus some of the piping round the edge of the seat is worn. There are one or two other cosmetic issues to address inside, mainly the roof lining although not damaged is grubby on the drivers side has dropped from the rear board ( common problem but at least the material is good) and the rear “sail panels” that run from the head liner to the rear parcel shelf are missing.

Exterior wise it has its bumps, the worse of which is a scuff on the r/h rear wheel arch but most importantly “No rust”. This  is why we go to the trouble of finding these rare and now sought after cars in countries with better climates than ours ,countries that don’t throw corrosive substances all over the roads each year that eats the metal used in cars of this era ( Not just Italian ones either!). You will see in the pictures the l/h headlamp is discoloured, there is a new one in the boot.

With our painter we use backed up with work for the next month or two, I have decided to offer this particular 131 “as is” where the cosmetics are concerned, at a reduced price until such time I can get the cosmetics addressed but still with a UK MOT and registration included. Now don’t get me wrong, this car is no eyesore and I have seen an awful lot worse but please do not arrive here and say “O it needs some paint etc”. At this price if you want a mint car you will be spending some time and effort on it but if you just want a great driving classic car to use every day, then this is the one.

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