MG Midget 1098cc Series 2 1965

MG Midget 1098cc Series 2 1965 £6,995

Now with us on Sale or Return is this very nice piece of British Motoring Heritage.Found languishing in a garage where it had spent many years and last taxed in November 1988, HGK770C was rescued by the current owner on a whim with the mind to strip it for parts or use as a donor vehicle for a project he had in mind. Once he applied and received the new V5 he found it to be a one owner car since 1965!! That coupled with once the years of dust were removed he had realised underneath was a very good car. He could not find it in him to pull this little bit of motoring history apart and set out to make it as nice as it surely once was. About now it was pointed out to him how rare these 1098cc 1965 cars were with a production run of just two years, being a MK2 variant.

After hours of painstaking labour you now have the car you see here today. A lovely condition car that runs and drives very well with many new parts, not absolutely finished, 99% there but with a change of circumstances it is offered for sale now.

NOTE: The owner has had more time to complete so pressed on with the refurbishment to the electrics that were needed for its MOT. Now after fitting a new starter motor, dynamo, direction indicator switch,wiper motor,track rod ends and washer pump it is now ready so will have a full MOT at point of sale.

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