Buick Regal Coupe 5.7 V8 1977

Buick Regal Coupe 5.7 V8 1977 £6,495

Just arrived with us and having driven here in the worst rain storm I have seen in years, I can testify that this great old 1977 Buick behaves itself impeccably. With the passing of its owner we have been entrusted by his surviving sister to offer to market what was the love of her late brother’s life.

Personally imported from Connecticut USA in 1990 and the only owner since, he slowly went through the  car improving things as he went, spending thousands on the way ( His sister is looking for all the invoices etc and will send on to us when/if she finds them). The obvious things that you can see have been done is the body work was restored and resprayed in its original colours and the vinyl roof was re-covered. Best of all was the original “smog,d” low powered 302 V8 was removed and a new “Goodwrench” Chevrolet 350 cube motor complete with performance carburetor and manifolds were installed. Now I am not sure exactly which spec this engine is but can say it pulls very well and sounds superb out the back, displaying excellent oil pressure even when warm.

Mechanically on the drive back I could not fault it. Brakes steering etc etc all very good. All the electrics worked, would not of been going anywhere in that rain if the wipers didn’t! Even the heater blowers/demist work fine.

Interior is very good but have not lifted the front seat covers yet, rear seats door cards and head lining all excellent. Just a very slight amount of damage on the very corner of the dash that sticks out when leaving the car.

Body work looks excellent with just some minor pitting to the chrome plating and the rear bumper has been painted (some little Herbert stole the bonnet motif but a replacement was bought and is being looked for by his sister).

Being offered here for a fraction of what the car has had spent on it. A very cheap way to own a 2 door V8 Yank that is MOT’d until March next year and is now tax free.

NOTE: More information is coming to light as the owners sister wades through her brothers collective paperwork. There is a reciept for a “dyno run” showing just why the engine feels so strong. It shows 298.7 HP at 3949 rpm but more impressivly 458.3 Lbft at 2475 rpm! Nice.

At the same time she found a “spec” sheet her brother had written out to be displayed in the window at car shows which i have attached in the pictures.

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