Audi 80 Cabriolet 2l Manual 1994

Audi 80 Cabriolet 2l Manual 1994 £795

We have decided to offer this nice 2 litre 5 speed manual 1994 Audi 80 on an “As is” basis until such time things go a bit quieter and we do it ourselves, then charge full price. Coming in a package with others and had been standing, having last been mot’d in 2012 with 121685 on the clock ( now 121738). The engine sounds very good with good oil pressure and no signs of getting hot the heater and fan work. Everything works electrically apart from the drivers window and the horn. Its a manual roof which when you release it the other 3 windows drop correctly but when you press the button to release the rear toneau cover it clicks but stays put,  can be released manually. Body work is good but needs a good polish as the white paint has gone chalky. Interior is very good no more than a good clean past the worn gear lever gaitor and the original over mat on the drivers side. Roof is good and the rear window has obviously been replaced, not the best job but fills the hole. Tyres are shot from standing with low pressure and the wheels are begining to flake in places. We have driven it on a private road so can confirm breaks, clutch etc all work fine, even the hand break works. So on the face of it not far from seeing an mot ( oops forgot wipers and washers work,but needs new blades). A V5 will need to be applied for, this is something we can do for you at cost. So there you have it. A very solid Audi Cabriolet that with a little effort could soon be back on the road.

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