Austin A30 Restoration Project 1955

Austin A30 Restoration Project 1955 £1,795

Being offered as a restoration project, this delightful and now getting hard to find not previously restored 1955 Austin A30 has spent the last decade or so in various storage areas. Until finally in its last resting place with a paint and body repair man we use, where it became another one of those “ I am going to restore that when I get time! “ cars. Well that time never came and along with some of his other projects he has asked us to sell it for him.

Pictured before and after a wash you can see it is basically all there. Under the bonnet is complete, quite presentable and the engine is free when rocked in gear, no attempt has been made to start it.

Body is not battered but has signs of corrosion, worse of which is the bottom of the doors and rear lower section of the front wings. There are panels with the car to replace the wing sections and the inside lower sections of the doors are solid.  All the glass is looks original and even the front and rear screen surround rubbers look good. Lights lenses etc are in place along with all bright work.

Interior is all there part from the front door trim panels but the seats front to rear do not match colour wise. Roof lining rear section is hanging down. The dash and instrumentation are in good order so that helps. Original carpets are trashed!

After all the years standing it was a surprise that he still rolls with no problem so breaks are not seized on. Tyres are obviously old but have plenty of tread on them, even the spare in the boot.

That’s about all I can tell you apart from the V5 is present and the car is still registered with DVLA, currently on “Sorn”. An excellent base for a restoration that we know was last driven about 6 years ago when placed into its previous storage area.

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