Austin K9 ” Camper”1954

Austin K9 ” Camper”1954 £9,995

Thought to be one of only 3 left on the road this superb Austin 1954 K9 was destined to go to  a military museum but with a change of circumstances being forced on its owner, a decission was made and we are proud to of been asked to offer it for sale on his behalf.

LSU 834 is thought to of seen active service with the Signals Corp as a radio truck during the Suez canal crisis of the mid 50’s. Some how surviving intact and shipped back from Egypt, to remain in service until “De-mobed” in 1988

Now in amazing but authentic exterior condition and being fully operational, with its original 4 litre petrol engine, as used by Jenson cars of that era, recieving an updated Jolly distributor, a reconditioned radiator and converted to run 12 volt negative earth. The original 4 speed gearbox is in place as is the 4wd system but the front prop has been removed for better driving characteristics on the road (comes with the truck), brakes are very good. The current owner completed a 1000 mile tour this year visiting shows like “War and Peace”.

This is where this truck really scores. In the back you will find it fully converted to living quarters. Comfortably sleeping two people and equiped with gas hob and oven, running water, toilet, LED lighting, 6 speaker surround sound entertainment with sub-base, pull out table, power points and more storage space than you know what to do with. All this is powered by a solar panel on the roof and 2 dual charge batteries, correctly wired with seperate fuse boxes etc. A very very clever conversion that some how even feels the right vintage, all done by the current owner.

Up front in the drivers cab is all pretty much original with all the gauges etc working. You will however find a rather clever rear view camera and screen set up complete with a rear facing LED spot light to help while manoeuvring.

So now a very useable bit of British military motoring history, perfect for shows and enactments and ready for the next owner to be just as proud of.

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