Benelli 500LS 4 cylinder “Project”

Benelli 500LS 4 cylinder “Project” £2,995

Here is something different, a 1979/80 Benelli 500LS. This bike had been stood for decades in an underground storage area in Spain until we recently liberated it, along with a Ducati 500 Twin. Now back with us here in the UK.
It is being offered as a project bike but from what we can see it really does not need alot to get it on the road and use as is, the other option is to restore and it would make a great candidate for that too.
On arrival the carbs were removed and sonic cleaned, fuel tank washed out and a battery fitted, off she went sweet as a nut. Yes the carbs could do with being balanced and i dare say running some fuel system cleaner through would help but the motor fires up, clutch is free and you can jump on and ride it ( we have only done so in the confines of our yard).
Brakes which are Brembo fronts, all function properly, all the lights etc work apart from the rear light which will need a new lens and a couple of the dash idiot lights. Fork legs are all very good as is all the bright work, there really is very little corrosion on the bike past just weathering from old age. Handle bars are period adjustable bars, personally i hate them but others say not (change them please!). Cosmetically the paint really needs to be redone, not that there is a lot of it, again you could just give the whole bike a very good clean and leave it as is, “patina” i think they call it. The exhaust is the original “Silentium”system which is very solid, the down pipes are excellent but the silencers have dulled, its crying out for a nice set of period reverse cone “megas”in my opinion, capture that sound of the 70s. Tyres look like they came out of the 70s as well so need changing if you dont like riding on concrete instead of rubber!
We have done the Nova and the bike does have its Spanish “Inspection” papers showing its first inspection was 1980, so must be a 79 model. For registration purposes you will need a dating letter from the relevant organisation, if indeed it is a 79 then it will be classed as historic so just insure it and pay the first reg fee £55, no need for an MOT or road tax, personally i would recommend an MOT but up to you.
The preceding is not an exhaustive list, more our observations, there will be other jobs needing doing as always and please note, it is being offered as a “PROJECT” not fit for road use and CANNOT be ridden away. We can arrange transport if required, if not a van or trailer must be used.

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