BMW 320i “SE” Coupe Fully loaded with low miles. 2007

BMW 320i “SE” Coupe Fully loaded with low miles. 2007 £3,795

This 2007 BMW 3 Series is not your usual fare. Someone must of walked into Sycamore BMW in Peterborough sat down and basically ticked all the boxes! So what we have here is a 320i SE with a six speed manual gearbox, presented in “Space Grey Metallic” complimented with BMW optional 18 inch alloy wheels. Inside the fun begins with options such as a high grade full leather interior complete with heated front seats and high gloss black trim. It has what is called Satellite Navigation “Professional” this gives you a full size LCD screen and I Drive for controlling your climate control air conditioning, entertainment, Sat Nav etc etc. Along with its front and rear “park assist”, also coming up on the screen when in operation and giving both visual and audio warnings. Another function is it tells you things such as when your brake pads are low, they are and we will be changing them prior to sale. Then there is the auto lighting complete with rain sensor headlight on and high beam assistance. Now these are the options this car has on top of the standard “SE” itself already a higher spec than the standard car!

With just under 100K on the clock, unfortunately the service book has been lost. We have confirmed with BMW UK it visited 2 BMW dealers up to 2014, the supplying dealer 6 times and the other 5. Under the official secrets act or whatever they call it today, for some reason it is now inappropriate for the dealers to give information on exactly what was done past confirming factory recall work was carried out (ignition coils and cam shaft sensor), unless you are the registered keeper of the car and send ID to them. Obviously we cannot do that but we can give the relevant dealers contact numbers to the new owner. The on line MOT register does back up the low miles tough.

On the road? Well it’s a modern BMW with low miles and drives as such! The engine pulls very well, gear box and clutch are smooth in operation. Inside, it’s a very nice place to spend time in with all the options and all seem to work.

Exterior while being corrosion free and being very presentable, has picked up some car park dinks and the odd scratch with some minor kerbing on the alloys wheels. Hopefully, with the asking price being lower than many other lower spec cars being offered for sale, we have allowed for this. Front tyres are being changed for new and rears are good. The current MOT is through to October 2018 so once the brakes and tyres are done it will be ready to go.

UPDATE: The original supplying dealer has now come back to us. Unlike the other dealer they were very helpful and lets say “Hats off” to Sycamore BMW of Peterborogh for your excellent customer service.They told us the last ime they serviced it was the 27.7.10 at 47,371 miles.

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