Chevrolet C10 “Step Side” V8 1978

Chevrolet C10 “Step Side” V8 1978 £11,995

UPDATE : Now fully UK registered on the correct age related plate.


Probably one of the straightest, most rust free Chevy Truck on the market today! Having spent most of its life in the South of France, latterly traveling from France and back this 1978 “Step Side” is now fully MOT’d and in the process of being UK registered ( Note tax free in July 2018).

Fitted with its 305 5 litre V8 motor and auto box, this truck is probably one of the best driving American trucks i have dealt with, there’s been a few. Does not tram line or pull all over the place on the move with excellent power brakes. Power steering is light but not overly, electrics all work (apart from the passenger electric window and the aftermarket rev counter), the engine pulls strongly and clean helped by the fitment of performance carb and manifolds, while the gearbox changes smoothly.

Body is excellent in this very nice blue colour (was green at some point) with the underneath being just as rust free as the top. Interior is good, nice and tidy. So once registered here in the UK its ready to roll.

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