Chevrolet SS-R “SUPERCHARGED” Convertible Truck Low Mileage 2003

Chevrolet SS-R “SUPERCHARGED” Convertible Truck Low Mileage 2003 £22,995

Just arrived with us (awaiting a valet in the pictures) is this superb 2003 Chevrolet SS-R Truck, with just under 39000 miles on the clock. First shown as a concept in 2000 then with a very short production run spanning from 2003 to 2006, total produced of this now Cult status truck was under 25000, the majority of which never left the USA, making this a rare sight here in the UK.

First launched with the 5.3 liter Vortec V8 engine, 6.0 LS2 in the last years, they were never exactly all show and no go, like so many other “Concept styled” cars of this era. Here was a fully convertible truck that actually sounded and went like it looked, but this was still not enough for some and very soon after launch you could opt for a dealer fitted “Radix SSR” Supercharger kit that produced a claimed 6psi of boost and upped the horse power a further 100 to the 400 hp mark, while also producing another 100+ lb/ft of grunt and yep, this truck has exactly that under the hood.

The bright yellow body work is in excellent order apart from the top surface of the rear spoiler that has suffered from lacquer peel, this happened when it was left out in the very hot sun outside his villa in Spain and will be rectified in the asking price, no paint damage just lifted the lacquer itself.

Interior is again in great condition with no obvious damage and fully loaded with options as you would expect.

Now the good bit, the motor. It’s almost like a drug and you really do have to be careful with it, press the pedal and you are instantly in “loose your licence territory” it just pulls from any revs all the while accompanied by that lovely supercharger whine and a great exhaust note. Don’t get me wrong you can drive it sedately with no bother in town traffic etc ,just get used to all the “selfies” etc and thumbs up from other road users and pedestrians, definitely not one for the wall flowers out there.

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