Chrysler LeBaron “TURBO” 1987

Chrysler LeBaron “TURBO” 1987 £1,695

This rare to find “Turbo charged” version of Chryslers popular LeBaron was imported into the UK back in 1981 and has survived very well since then picking up little to no rust or damage to its body work. I do have to say though, that while the blue panels may look ok in the pictures, they are not very well done nor is the dummy intake that has been stuck on the bonnet!

Interior is full leather and in very good order throughout, needing little more than a clean and makes for a very comfortable place to be. The LCD dash these cars were fitted with, had their problems but again on this particular cars are mostly working. I say mostly as the “system check panel” tends to send out the odd rogue message and the multi-function clock/trip compute, while all lighting up, does not seem to respond to any of the buttons. But the main and important bit, the dash itself, all functions correctly. Past that the original stereo does not work but an aftermarket one has been fitted and the central locking works intermittently.

Coming to us with a very recent MOT carried out by its previous owner, all it needed was a new exhaust part and some minor break work, it has to be said that it drives well and mechanically appears to be good. The turbo charged 2.2 motor gives it much better performance than expected and the auto gearbox, breaks etc all operate correctly. Looking at past MOTs less than 10K miles have been covered in the last decade and the recorded mileages track it back to having only 76K on the clock in 2005.

So what we have is a cheap introduction into American car ownership, no it’s not a rip snorting early 70’s muscle car but it is affordable and can be used as an everyday car as is .

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