Chrysler Sebring GTC “Face Lift” Convertible 2005

Chrysler Sebring GTC “Face Lift” Convertible 2005 £3,995

Built in late 2005 and registered into the UK in April 2007 this very good condition Chrysler Convertible has had an easy life, lately residing in Spain at a private villa. Now repatriated ands still with only a recorded 46,000 miles on the clock, its 2.7 V6 engine is hardly run in.

Apart from a minor mark to the rear bumper from a scrape on a low wall (yes thats right, directly above the reverse sensor!) the body work is excellent as is the fully optioned interior and power hood.

On the road the V6 pulls it along “briskly” and the gearchange is as smooth as the day it left the factory, making for a very pleasant drive and ideal for what it has been used for, a long run in the sun doiwn to Southern France or the like, but unlike so many convertibles today, this one has a boot and rear seats actually large enough to accomodate more than your packed lunch so adults can fit in the back.

Having been abroad the MOT had lapsed, so a new one has been carried out prior to the owner bringing it to us and is now through to 2019 making this unusual to see, low mileage convertible very good value at this price.

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