Dacia 1300 Mk1 “1 owner from New” 1978

Dacia 1300 Mk1 “1 owner from New” 1978 £3,995

Dacia 1300’s are a rare enough site here in the Uk, let alone an early series one like this 1978 version, that has just arrived with us! Not just that, but presented in the rarest colour and is a one owner from new car. In fact it looks to of only ever lived at two addresses, both of them in the same town, 20 years at one address and 20 at the next!

It is down to this owner that the car has survived remarkably well, his liking to cover everything in rust inhibitor is what has stopped the corrosion these cars are famous for. It has been professionally valeted but there are still traces here and there of the “black stuff”

Bodywork as we said is rust free, paintwork? Well it has obviously had a repaint, in the original colour, but it is not up to our standards and was probably done in his friends shed. Colour is pretty good match but it has been laid on very thick which has caused orange peel and “curtaining” in places. These could be addressed with some careful flatting down and polishing but personally I think it looks fine from 3 feet and kind of adds to the cars charm.

Interior apart from some splitting in the vinyl of the driver’s seat back, is actually very good and again, considering its age, as good as any original 1978 Vinyl car interior and better than many.

My friend’s father that lives in Romania, found the car for us and drove it 200 miles back to his house so we know it runs well and is mechanically sound, but a service and MOT will be carried out prior to sale and for registration here in the UK.

There is now a growing following for these hardy ex Eastern Bloc cars, not only by its nations people remembering them from their childhood, like we do with Escorts etc, but also by classic car fans that want something different and at the same time not costing a fortune.

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