Dodge Fleetside V8 on Hydraulics 1969 “Project”

Dodge Fleetside V8 on Hydraulics 1969 “Project” £18,995

Well its finally with us and going up for sale 😁 This 1969 5.2 liter V8 powered “Patina’d” Dodge Fleetside had close to $30k spent on it in the US, with bills to prove and has some lovely bits on it from its full hydraulic suspension to its 4 link 9″ back axle etc etc etc. But! I have to say that while these trucks regularly are on offer for anything up to £40k this one is £18995. The reason is that unlike the americans, we like to actually drive our show trucks and this one, in our opinion, needs more work to get there (unless of course your happy just to show not go). Now dont get me wrong the motor starts easily, sounds great and pulls well, its auto gearbox, if you can reach the top of the gear lever, functions correctly, all the electrics work but things like the brakes will need attention they are far too sharp! We think this is due to having a drum/drum master cylinder on the new servo where as it should have a disc/drum unit to suit the new disc brake set up, up front. In the quest to make the interior look ” Farm Fresh” there is now now speedo. The hydraulics need some sort of movement stops built in as at the moment the front suspension arms/steering arms act as the restrictors, not good! The tyres are old and beginning to crack in the treads, etc. Yes it is now fully uk registered and as such is tax free and does not need an mot, but we would only sell this as an on going project aka not fit for road use, but chuck a bit more time and money at it and you would have a 30k truck.

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