Ducati Paso 750 1989 low mileage and lovely history

Ducati Paso 750 1989 low mileage and lovely history £3,295

These bikes were rare back in the late 80s let alone now! Ask yourself when you last saw one on the road, especially one as original as this lovely 1989  example?

Built in 1989 and first registered here in the UK in 1989 so likely to of been new, it comes withsome old service reciepts and a stack of old MOTs dating back to 1999 and showing 9724 kms, right through to 2016 at 16265. At that point the history shows it was off the road, or at least not motd, until March 2019 where after a bill of £651 including new cam belts it was fully serviced and back on the road, still with just 16280 kms on the clock! As always we have to say “we cannot warrant any mileages” so make your own minds up.

Today it is in very good condition, yes there are a couple of chips in the paint and some blisters by the fuel filler (not rust paint reaction) but for a 31 year old Italian bike that has not been restored, it is in fine fettle and comes with some very nice updates comprising of a fully adjustable “Ohlins” rear shock, electronic ignition and twin oil coolers.
Look at the prices of Italian exotica and this looks like stunning value for money at this price. Go on, be different and have something no one else is likely to have at the local bike meet or classic show and enjoy owning it while its value continues to climb.

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