Ford Galaxie Convertible 302 Cube V8 Auto 1968

Ford Galaxie Convertible 302 Cube V8 Auto 1968 £11,995


We are pleased to of been commissioned to sell on behalf of its owner this superb looking 1968 Ford Galaxie Convertible. Powered by a 302 Cubic inch V8 motor and automatic transmission. This car has spent the last 13 plus years barely being used but kept MOTd throughout that time bar the odd year here and there and only recording 3700 miles from 2005 to November 2017 when last MOTd. Prior to which having received some light recommissioning in the way of new rear tires as the old ones were showing their age and the brakes being bled, it is now  time for a new home.

As you can see, the body work, all 18 feet of it, is very straight and basically rust free. The light metallic blue exterior paint is in very good all round order with only the one or two areas where there is some light reaction, but you have to look for the faults. Whoever painted it can be proud that the finished product still presents so well today. Even the hidden headlights still work.

Interior is excellent, too good to of not been restored at some point, all the electric windows work and the dash is in very good condition. There is a modern stereo fitted to the dash which to be honest is “horrible” but Hey, just my opinion. The white hood does have two small snags in it, primarily where it folds into its storage bay it can catch if not careful. Not very noticeable and would be easy to repair.

The 302 under that very long bonnet starts easily and purrs on tick over, very smooth and exceptionally quiet, give the throttle pedal a prod and the exhaust note is pure American V8, not to loud but just nice. All this translates to a good solid engine with a smooth changing auto box. The rest of the mechanics are very good.

All in all a whole lot of Americana for an affordable price. One whose value will no doubt continue to rise.

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