Ford Mustang 4.0 V6 2006

Ford Mustang 4.0 V6 2006 £9,995

Offered for sale on behalf of its owner is this very nice 2006 Ford Mustang V6 that was originally sold new in Dubai. Now after carrying out a lot of work he has decided that “modern yanks” are just not his bag so to speak and has decided to sell it on. With this in mind he would look to take a p/x on an American car or truck of an earlier vintage (of a lower value).

Work recently carried out by him is as follows: New front and rear lights, new rear axle bearing, new front hub, new ht leads, coil pack and spark plugs plus a replacement catalytic convertor so now it is running as it should.

Bodywork is very good as you would expect, there is however a small “nudge” on the front bumper that will be rectified in the asking price. Now the wheels? We call them marmite as you either like them or you don’t. They have been striped and left without repainting to give the weathered look you can see in the pictures, personally I do not like it but others including the owner do, but I guess it saves on the cleaning!

With only 73L on the clock the engine is barely run in and you have to say that these modern 6 cylinder motors do put earlier V8s to shame, pulling strongly in all the gears and sounding great while still returning an MPG that allows you to use them as an everyday car. Interior is nice and well equipped plus has an aftermarket head unit fitted that plays DVDs and has a full colour reversing camera built in.

All in all a whole lot of motor car without a bank balance busting price. As previously mentioned it is on sale for its owner and as such it is staying with him as he is still using it, with this in mind we can either pass your details to him or arrange for the car to be viewed here with us. Thanks.

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