Ford Sierra XR4i ” Collectors Piece” 1983

Ford Sierra XR4i ” Collectors Piece” 1983 £8,795

First registered December 1983 this rare to see in silver Sierra XR4i has obviously had a lot of care and attention lavished on it over the years, to look this good. Its body work is excellent and judging by the break in MOTs between 2007 and 2013 you would have to assume it was then that the body work received the attention.

Interior is also very good but looks to be original so there are some negatives, first of which would be the dash top which has multiple cracks and to take this car to the next level, you would want to change it. Past that the top edge of the driver’s seat had gone brown from being so near to the window and the sun has got at it, the original stereo has gone, the rear tail gate struts are weak and the lower edge of the driver’s side rear quarter light seal is tatty all easy things to rectify if you are indeed going for perfect.

With the car is a file full of receipts, invoices for work done, its owner’s books including the XR4i supplement and old MOTs. The invoices show things like a gear box rebuild, new clutch, new front brakes and master cylinder, new rad and coolant pipes plus work done on the suspension and steering amongst others, this might explain why it drives so well with none of the usual vague steering and notchy gear changes. There is an insurance approved immobilizer fitted and once you have “blipped” that the engine fires straight up and soon settles into that familiar 2.8 V6 tick over, no untoward smoke etc.

On sale on behalf of its owner (only now due to personal problems as he bought it to go into his collection and keep) a fresh MOT will be carried out prior to collection. If you have read all this you don’t need me to tell you how rare these cars are getting to find in this condition and how like all “performance” Fords prices just do not stop going up month on month. Priced not at the top end of the market, so leaving a bit of room for the new owner to attend to the dash etc. if they want to, O and the 2.8I Capri pinstripes can be easily removed if you don’t like them.

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