Ford Thunderbird 007 model(ex Jonathan Ross)

Ford Thunderbird 007 model(ex Jonathan Ross) £16,995

Rare in the US, even more rare in Europe is this Limited Edition “007 Model” 2004 Thunderbird.

Ford commissioned 700 only “worldwide” in this special Coral colouring to replicate the car driven by Halle Berry in the James Bond film “Die another Day” (the coral color is apparently the same colour as the Bikini she wore in the film I know, don’t ask??).

As the title says, this rare and desirable Thunderbird was supplied new from the importers to Jonathan Ross (Google “Jonathan Ross Thunderbird” to see all the pictures). When the current owner received the car it had been stood unused for a time, the cosmetics had suffered and it had an engine fault that has since been rectified along with a service that he carried out himself. The bright work on the outside of the car has been replaced so it’s now as new again and any small defects in the paintwork were professionally corrected. The interior needed little more than a good clean but the vendor had all the seats recolonised, he did however retain the tasteful Leopard print sun visors Mr Ross had fitted ! (See picture).

What you now have is a mint, low mileage 30k on the clock, Thunderbird in the very rare Limited “James Bond 007” spec, in the rarest colour it was offered in  and owned by a famous celebrity, it really does not get much better than that!!!

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