Honda C114 50cc recently restored and exceedingly cute! 1961

Honda C114 50cc recently restored and exceedingly cute! 1961 £3,495

This lovely and very cute Honda C114 came to us as one of a pair of bikes that originally were being restored by a father and his disabled son. The idea being that maybe one day they could go out together as the lad was ok to ride up to a 50cc bike. Unfortunately and so often regrettably the way, the dad passed away before they were finished so were never ridden. They spent the next few years standing in an integral garage as the family didnt really know what to do until it was decided to sell them both to a friend of ours. Originally he kept this one and we bought the other, an equally as nice black C110 model, but after fitting an electronic ignition system and registering it ( been off the road for so long they had dropped off the DVLA register) he rode it 10 miles over a coup[le of days and decided it was not for him so we bought this one as well.
If you have stuck with us this far, i don’t need to tell you how rare these bikes are. This particular one i would describe as a really good but amateur restoration. We have no bills to prove it as the widow could not find them, probably hidden so she did not know how much was being spent, but you can see how much has been spent. Both engines were rebuilt by “Chris Applebee Engineering” from the bottom up and as such this one will need to be run in as only covered 10 miles. Paint work is good but not professional and there are a couple of blemishes from some thing being on the top of the tank, still very presentable but no not perfect by a long way. It starts easily and runs nicely, chrome is all good, cycle parts are either new or very good, electrics all work and as i said, it has electronic ignition. It also has a sealed battery that while not the original dimensions, fits ok and works well. With perfect restoration examples selling for over £5K this is priced sensibly and at a level where if you wanted to you could improve areas such as the paint work, maybe even retro fit the indicators that not all bikes came with but all had the switch on the handle bars and here is a dating cert from Honda UK in the paperwork along with the V5

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