Honda CB400F rescued from a shed and “revived” 1977

Honda CB400F rescued from a shed and “revived” 1977 £5,995

Having spent somewhere near 30 years sat in a shed near the sea in Essex, you can imagine what this poor old Honda looked like when it arrived with us and for those of you that can’t, check out the last picture. Suffice to say that when it was off loaded from the van my mechanic was heard to say “What the hell have you bought that for?” But i knew under the dirt and corrosion was lurking a low mileage, UK spec 400 Four, so we set about resurrecting it and hopefully you will agree, it was worth it.
It would take far to long to write out everything that was done but the general plan was to save as much of its originality as we could so while things like the exhaust silencer was replaced with a David Silver copy, we kept the original down pipes, no they are not brand new in appearance with some minor tarnishing but look great. Same goes with the front and rear guards, front was replaced, rear cleaned up very nicely. Wheels had new rims and spokes and obviously tyres, paintwork was professionally refinished, carbs striped cleaned and rebuilt, front forks rebuilt with new stanchions, brakes front and rear rebuilt, new handle bars, new indicators, etc etc etc etc. Please feel free to call and i can do a walk round for you. It had been off the road so long that DVLA no longer had it on their system so we had to reapply for an age related plate with all the who-ha that involves but got there in the end, so now back on an R plate.
So there you have it another one saved and one which hopefully will go to a good home. Priced around the middle of the range as its not a “Fully restored, brand new every nut and bolt, concourse, so £8K example, just a lovely thing to own and be proud of, we are.

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