Honda CB450DX A light project bike. 1993

Honda CB450DX A light project bike. 1993 £895

One of three bikes that came to us after their owner passed and they were left standing, is this Honda CB450DX. As you can see by the box, heated grips and additional lights, this was the bike he used for comuting, it had already suffered a bit on the corrosion front prior to being laid up, but with a wipe down looks better already.
Mechanically and electrically everything works and with a quick strip and clean of the carbs (there is a slight leak on one of them so further work needed there) and a new battery, in typical Honda fashion it started straight up. BUT, there is always a but, the exhaust down pipes have each have a small pin prick type hole in them and while running,riding, stopping and starting, it does need further work. So we are offering it as a project at only £895, that includes the original “Krauser” Top box and frame and they are worth a bit. Cheers. G

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