Jeep Cherokee 4.0l LPG 1993

Jeep Cherokee 4.0l LPG 1993 £1,295

Just in with us and straight from a large collection of Military and Military themed vehicles, is this 1993 Jeep Cherokee with the 4 litre Petrol engine and Automatic transmission. Fitted with an LPG system which is untested.
Last on the road approximately 5 years ago it has stood in a dry storage area until we collected it. Obviously it will require an amount of recommissioning prior to an MOT and road use. What we can say was once here a new battery was fitted and it fired up instantly, no fuss nasty noises or smoke, displayed good oil pressure, clutch and breaks were free and it drove round our private area with no problems. (Sorry it looks a bit dirty in the pictures but its muddy here and “The voices made me do it!” Well it would have been rude not to.
Interior is good with electric leather seats fitted in the front (originals available). The bonnet cable broke when we used it so will need replacing. Electric door locks ,windows etc all work but the driver’s door does stick sometimes after being locked, operate the switch on the passenger side and it works fine so a sticky mechanism somewhere would be our guess?
During his ownership, he has known the car for 15 plus years as it was originally his wife’s, the owner has had the LPG fitted, replaced and up-rated the suspension, over hauled the brakes and the tyres were replaced not long ago so all good there. It actually feels quite taught on the bumpy stuff with no adverse rattles or creaks. Body work is not rusty but has some small dents, the worse of which is in the passenger front door but it’s a soft dent with no paint damage and would no doubt pop out if you removed the inner door card.
The engine feels strong and runs well but the air box lid needs replacement, it was “borrowed” for another vehicle and not put back.
These early Cherokee Jeeps are now sought after for their 4×4 prowess and good useable examples are getting hard to find. We are offering this one on an “As-is” basis to keep the price down and allow the next owner to decide how much if any work to do, as not a lot of point if its destined to be used for what its meant for, playing in the mud!

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