Jeep Wrangler “Army” 4.0l Manual 1995

Jeep Wrangler “Army” 4.0l Manual 1995 £5,495

Built by the owner for Military show and use by the film industry, this 1995 Jeep Wrangler “Sahara” is now a very authentic looking vehicle that would fool a lot of people into thinking it’s much older.

Powered by its powerful 4 litre petrol engine and equipped with the rarer 5 speed manual gear box, it not only looks the part but will go most places as well. A lot of money was spent on the conversion to “Army Spec” including things like the oversize wheel and tyre pack and a heavy duty winch that have been fitted.

Coming equipped as pictured but without the “passenger”. Last on MOT’d in 2015 you will need to do a new one before use on the public roads, so being sold for show use only.

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