Kawasaki H1 500 “True Survivor” 1974

Kawasaki H1 500 “True Survivor” 1974 £7,995
Our lovely “survivor” 1974 Kawasaki H1 triple has survived miraculously well, yes the paint has aged and there are signs where stickers have been removed of the tank, exposing none sun dimned paint and the odd mark here and there, but these are more like long service medals and worn with pride. Personally I would leave as is but if the next owner wants a pristine show bike, that’s their choice. The bright work is excellent, even the standard exhausts! The motor fires into life easily and makes that great noise only Kawasaki triples make. All the electrics work as intended and even the standard air box is there in its entirety, along with the often removed center stand. Unfortunately the same cannot be said about the rear guard which again was fashionable to be removed back in the day. One very nice upgrade that has been fitted is the addition of an extra brake disc up front, giving it a twin disc setup rather than the “marginally effective” standard single unit.
If you are still reading this, I don’t need to waffle on about how rare these are getting in this sort of unmessed condition, prices have gone up, not year on year, more month on month and this will soon be another £10k plus bike, so priced at £7995 it represents not only their youth for many of our customers, but a damn good investment. Let’s face it, with the way banks are going, soon you will be charged for the privilege of giving them your money, plus you can’t ride your bank balance down the road or open your garage and show your mates it!

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