Mazda 6 TS2 DOHC VVT Tiptronic Auto. 2006

Mazda 6 TS2 DOHC VVT Tiptronic Auto. 2006 £1,095

Here is something a bit different for us. Coming to us in a parcel of cars owned by an elderly man that at 85 has decided to reduce the number of cars he has is this December 2006 Mazda 6, not your low level spec every day car but the TS2 model so loaded up with all the goodies.

The 150hp 2litre petrol engine is a DOHC Variable Valve Timing unit that gives an excellent spread of power but still returns a quoted 32 MPG (mixed urban) this in turn is mated to a 5 speed automatic gearbox with the manual “Tip-tronic” option for a more spirited drive if required. . There is a printed service history up to 93k in 2011, then just the old MOTs and a couple of bills since and mechanically the car feels very good on the road.

The interior is in very good order, even with the 146K it has on the clock and as mentioned fully loaded with all the toys complete with a “Bose” stereo system. Exterior? Hmm not so good. While the very nice metalic blue paintwork and chrome shines very nicely, there are an assortment of scratches and scuffs from some “optimistic” parking, nothing really bad but worth a mention and hopefully more than allowed for at the low asking price.

The MOT has just been done so is through to May 2019 and a new set of front pads are to be fitted as are getting low. The two front tyres are slightly worn on the edge good enough for an MOT but will need doing sooner rather than later. A whole lot of car for not a lot of money.

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