Mercedes 200 Automatic “Re-Patriated” Running driving project 1985 “New MOT”

Mercedes 200 Automatic “Re-Patriated” Running driving project 1985 “New MOT” £1,695



UPDATE: Just to let you know, unfortunately the buyer with the deposit placed on the car has had to pull out of the purchase due to family commitments, let’s face it folks, it happens. So the car is now back up for sale. However the good news is that while this was happening the previous buyer wanted to see “how bad” it was underneath in case it needed major surgery?

Well its blooming lovely! Needs no welding at all for the MOT. It drove very well to the test station until I had to brake hard for an errant school kid, unfortunately after that the l/h rear calliper was dragging and this was basically the only real failure on the MOT. It also requires 3 ball joint rubber gaiters , a dip beam bulb on one side, a set of wiper blades and that’s it once you sort out the calliper on the back, even the hand brake works, rare indeed on an auto!

There were some advisories as well. Two of the tires are showing some perishing on sections of the side walls, probably from being left deflated in the container. Two break hoses are slightly deteriorated and right at the back of the car, underneath behind the rear arches, are two panels that are kind of cosmetic closing panels, they have a seam across them that has corroded but these are not structural and are nowhere near any suspension/steering or seat belt mounts, that’s it.


This lovely old Mercedes was recently discovered in a container at the docks, where it had sat unclaimed for the last 3 or 4 years until someone remembered it. Coming to us directly from the agent that dealt with it and now being offered as a running driving project, back on its original UK registration B89VYY (number plates to be fitted before sale).

The nature of the beast is that not a lot is known about it. We do know it was last MOTd in May 2006 with 98034 miles on the clock and was a one owner car from new (now one previous as a new v5 had to be applied for).  Body wise it has very little rust evident, the worse parts appear to be the trailing edges of the rear arches (see pictures). “But” the car basically needs a full respray as by the time you have addressed the bit of rust, various dinks, scratches and bumps including where the nice chaps at the dock managed to dent the rear boot lid and bumper by pushing it, as at that time it had no key (now ordered and supplied by Mercedes) plus the sun burn to the top surfaces while abroad, unless you just want to leave it as is, that is what it will need.

Interior is actually very good with a good roof lining door panels and seats trim. The drivers seat has gone soft on one side and the dash does have a couple of cracks, but past a bit of wear to the carpet on the drivers side sill, that’s about it so just needs a good clean. The first aid box cover on the rear parcel shelf was destroyed by customs trying to see into a locked boot and will need replacing and the modern stereo facia has gone walk about as well. The good news is that this is quite a high spec car and the 4 way electric windows plus central locking and sun roof (manual) all work although the rear windows only work from the rear door switches.

Mechanically the engine starts easily, the gear box changes gear with no nasty clunks, brakes, lighting etc all work, tyres are good as are all the exterior lenses.

So there you have it, a great project that runs and drives and with prices of W123s now on the up, priced with room to either restore or do the minimum and use.

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