Montesa Cota 350 Original and only 514kms

Montesa Cota 350 Original and only 514kms £3,995

Here’s another interesting classic that has been offered to us.This 1984 Montesa Cota 350, while not fitting in with the direction we are taking (posh way of saying i know nowt about off roaders 😁)the owner has asked us to list it for him on his behalf so note, it is in Spain and we will not be shipping it over until we recieve a sensible deposit.
It does however have an interesting history. Apparently when Honda took over the factory from Montesa in the mid 80s, they stopped production of this 350 in favour of their own model. Having not long been in production, not many had been made, those that had been were sold off to the factory workers and infact were homologated as Cota 349s which were the earlier model with the earlier motor. The current owner bought the bike off its only owner from new, one of those factory workers that bought the bikes, hence why he knows so much about the bike and is 99.9% sure that the 514 kilometres showing on the clock is genuine. This bike has never been restored and is completely original. It has to be one of the best examples on the market today. Priced at £3995 so no more than other lesser bikes on the market.

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