Porsche 928S Very low miles Being Fully Restored 1983

Porsche 928S Very low miles Being Fully Restored 1983 £25,000

This superb bit of German engineering was responsible for one of those rare moments in life when you discover something remarkable! There I was in a previous role as a classic car auction company owner and viewing an old MGC on a farm in Essex, when we drove down a country lane past what looked like an old church from a Hammer House of Horrors movie, that was obviously now in private hands judging by the assortment of old cars half covered by undergrowth out front and the big “Keep Out” signs. But after consulting with my colleague, who was more used to ignoring these things and knocking on doors, we drove in and pulled the doorbell chain. How surprised was I when a friend of mine from 20 odd years ago answered the door! That is how I know the entire history of this rare 1983 Porsche 928S.

In April of that year a gent walked into a Porsche dealer ship, ordered a new 928S in Cliffton White and basically ticked all the option boxes, including not only things like a limited slip differential, sports suspension and an electric roof but also a special order only interior in red with grey piping, matching red carpets and dashboard and a black instrument binnacle with red stitching. Soon after it was purchased ownership was transferred to his push bike business, then sold to a car dealer (my friend) for cash. Not long after that my friend was visited in his showroom by a man from the government department that deals with bankruptcy, who tried to remove the car as he felt it was an asset of the cycle company (that had been declared bancrupt) and not privately owned. He was told to “go away” and a court battle ensued for the next four years, which my friend won and had kept the Porsche ever since. Unfortunately his wife passed about 8 years before I bumped into him and at that point, time had kind of stood still for him rarely moving from his house cum church, hence the cars left untouched and growing into his land. Luckily the Porsche was hidden by a Bentley and saved from the worst of the elements especially being parked on his driveway not garden. A deal was struck and its restoration was started.

So what we have is a rare model car that is probably one of a very few, if not only car in this spec and still with only 67000 miles on it from new. Which so far has had a full service including cam belt, new starter motor, fuel system fully flushed, serviced including sonically cleaned injectors and a new pump so now the engine runs superbly. A fully retrimed interior in the correct material and colours including the dash and instrument binnacle all specially ordered in using the vin. number. New fuse box and various electrical components so now no more electrical maladies and everything working. Brake system over hauled where necessary. The last step is a full respray in original colour, reassemble the interior and MOT prior to sale.

.As always a deposit can be accepted to reserve until finished if you do not want to take the risk of losing out.

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