Porsche “RUF” 930 Turbo. Wow just wow!

Porsche “RUF” 930 Turbo. Wow just wow! £325,000

Anyone fancy what is probably if not the best then definately one of the best 930 Turbo Porsches’ available today. This car has cost near to £650,000 to get to this level and now could be considered a “bargain” at half that, £325,000
This 1982 Porsche 930 is fully converted officially to Ruf BTR spec+. Conversion done by RUF in Singapore and further enhancements carried out to achieve FIA race track worthy performance as and when needed.
Some of its spec!!
Ruf 3.4L BTR engine, Ruf dials, Ruf 6 speed short bellhousing G50 base gearbox, 965 spec intercooler, original Porsche ABS system, FIA certified roll cage, ATL FIA 2018 certified 100 L Fuel cell.
And now for some bedtime reading here’s a brief resume of the car by its current owner.

Anyway, this is what has been done to the car so it is rather special as it was built to do competitive racing at An F1 race circuit but is now street legal and has a wonderful set up – very competent on roads.

1.Full RUF conversion package done officially by Ruf Singapore. A lot more work was done subsequently. There is a RUF letter of Authenticity. Essentially it’s a RUF BTR which includes 3.4L engine with Ruf custom spec pistons, cams, conrods, intake plenum, heads, crankcase, intake filter and housing, K29 hybrid turbo, 965 type intercooler
2. Ruf G50 short bellhousing base 6 speed transmission with special wevo shifter kit
3. Full 965 Turbo original body panels
4. Ruf rear reflector lights
5. Special custom Ruf dials and RUF alcantara wrapped steering wheel
6. Full rose jointed front suspension
7. RUF 18” Speedline Rims and another set of customized RUF Speedline 18”forged rims with offset to remove any requirements for spacers.
8. Carbon Kevlar bonnet
9. Carbon fibre 993 GT2 spoiler which results in sub 75 degree temp when driving at speeds. Air cooled at its best
10. PCCB braking system with with rare and specially customized ABS
11. 993 rear subframe and brand new arms, suspension and bushings (2020)
12. Bilstein adjustable coil overs
13. New (2018) ATL 100L FIA approved fuel cell with hardware
14. RS lightweight interior door panels
15. Heigo roll cage (now partially removed to Re-install rear seats. -full roll cage kit available)
16. 2 X 993 GT2 Recaro racing bucket seats with 6 point racing harness against roll cage available /now with conventional road seat belts.
17. New aircon system and additional compressor affixed. Super cold.
18. Carbon Fibre doors.
19. Lexan rear windows and screens.
20. Brand new race clutch ( 2019/600km) and clutch plates (Turbokraft USA).
21. 2018 RS3 Mountain Forest Green paintwork. Modern expression of original 930 Turbo Green of 1982.
22. Complete Alcantara and Nappa leather interior including rear seats and special visor.

This car provides and unparalleled direct driving experience that current super cars just cannot match.
A one of a kind supreme road car, which doesn’t betray the lines and philosophy of its blue blooded roots. The details in the car bare testament to the passion and indulgence the current owner has shown. This is a not to be missed opportunity to acquire a truly well put together motoring marvel. Presently located with RUF and its Singapore associates.
Shipping to your country is included in the asking price ( once full payment has been recieved) but all local duties and costs there after are the full and total responsibilty of the purchaser.

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