Renault 12TS Just in from Spain 1979 (NOW SOLD OTHERS AVAILABLE)

Renault 12TS Just in from Spain 1979 (NOW SOLD OTHERS AVAILABLE) £0

Now with us is this delightful 1979 Renault 12. This is not a mint show car that has spent its life locked away in a garage in Spain, but a car that has served its owner and their family, year on year and always on the road. Based in Madrid until 2011, its body has seen its fair share of action with dents and scuffs on most panels and metallic green paintwork that has been sun bleached almost silver in places. But (here is the big bit) there is no rust we can find with the underneath being almost better than the body as it has been protected from other road users and the weather!

Interior is actually pretty good, mostly just needing a good clean. Seats have covers on and by lifting the driver’s seat cover edge there are signs of wear (not striping them all off as totally useable as is if the new owner wishes to leave in place).Unusually the dash is not cracked.

All the electrics work, the 2 speed heater fan still has two speeds and even the period stereo functions! There is a low break warning light on but the brakes function and there is plenty of fluid in the reservoir? The left hand rear light lens has been repaired at some point and could do with being replaced but there is no white light showing.

The engine is excellent, starting with no effort and showing no signs of overheating etc, no smoke or nasty rattles either, the whole engine bay is in very good order. I have driven it up and down the Farm road by our unit and can report it pulls cleanly and selects all the gears correctly, we are on a hill so that is why I know the breaks work !!

So yes, he is a bit bruised and battered in places but as solid as rock. We are offering him to the market on an “As landed” basis, this way if the new owner wants to restore the body they can or just do a couple of niggly bits, MOT (this year only as it is a March 1979 car) and register which we are more than happy to advise on.

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