Renault R10 Major 1968 Now Fully UK registered

Renault R10 Major 1968 Now Fully UK registered £4,995

This very rare 1968 Renault 10 Major is now with us and fully UK registered on its age related “G” plate. Body work is very nice and has been resprayed at some point in the past. It has a nice deep shine to it and no significant damage past the odd scratch. Having been in a hot climate the underside of the car is very solid. Front and rear bumpers do have some areas where the chrome has gone thin, while the right hand rear light surround is there but has cracks otherwise all the body trims are there and in good order.

Interior is very good but where some sections of the seat covers have been replaced there is a noticeable colour difference in the red vinyl. Past that the dash, carpets etc are all good.

Mechanically the motor fires up easily and soon comes off choke to settle to a nice even tick over with no fuss. On the road it performs better than you would expect from such a small capacity engine, pulling well in all gears with smooth changes from the gear box. It’s fun along the B roads and handles nicely. Being a “10” one of the upgrades over a standard “8” is having 4 wheel disc brakes and this makes itself apparent as soon as you have to slow down from speed for the first time.

These great little cars are an excellent choice for a first time classic car owner or for the person that wants a classic that is different, fun to drive and can if needed, be used every day or just for shows without costing a fortune to buy and run. There is an excellent owners club, where you will find plenty of enthusiasts happy to help and a great social scene as well. Ask yourself when was the last time you saw one? Prices of these now very collectable cars are on their way up but still remain “sensible” for the moment.

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