Renault R6 GTL 1977

Renault R6 GTL 1977 £3,995

This 1977 Renault 6 was owned by the same family in the same area of Spain its entire life and was in daily use up to 2006 when the its by then elderly owner gave up driving and parked it in a garage, there it stayed until late last year when it was sold by the family to my colleague in Spain on our behalf. Luckily the family had kept it regularly run up to temperature and moved it in and out of the garage so needing not much more than a replacement radiator, expansion tank , battery and a visit to our valeters ( as in the pictures, have you seen the weather outside?) it is now ready for a new home here in the UK. Fully UK registered on the correct “R” suffix and historic tax class so MOT and Tax exempt.

These great little cars are very rare at the best of times but to see one this clean inside and out is very unusual. It has been repainted at some point in its life but it must of been some time ago now and the paint while not looking daft with that “fresh out of the gun “look, shines up very nicely. Under the bonnet is excellent with the inner wings etc looking as good as new. Interior is also very good, seat covers are slightly loose after all these years but not damaged, dash is excellent with all functions working, even the aftermarket oil pressure and temperature gauges, unfortunately there is some minor damage to the roof lining, not serious but enough to be annoying looking at the rest of the interior.

Mechanically it feels strong on the roads, brakes clutch etc work well and while not ever to be described as fast, its 1036 cc motor pulls it along happily and is amazingly torquey, pulling out of corners in third gear with no need to down change. As you can see in the pictures, it has a set of rare “Gordini” wheels fitted (2 are originals 2 are copies) these are staying on the car, the spare is of the original type fitted to the car.

With probably one of the best informed and nice car clubs to help with classic Renault ownership, these great small Renaults are not only easy to upkeep, but are fun to own and great for a Renault enthusiast, a first classic car owner or just someone that wants to go to shows in something different from the norm. Prices are slowly rising as more people come to appreciate their charm.

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