Sunbeam Alpine Convertible “Project” 1965

Sunbeam Alpine Convertible “Project” 1965 £7,995

This now very rare 1965 Sunbeam Alpine Convertible came to us after standing for many moons un-used in a garage locally. It was all complete but someone at some point had started to restore it, then bailed out. We basically started again!

It has had new rear arches and outer sills, the common rust on the top of the wings was cut out and replaced with metal. The underneath of the car was excellent and needed little more doing by us past a clean-up and some basic renovation, mechanically the car was very strong already with all joints etc in good order. The boot floor is excellent and we are in the process of replacing the rubbers on the fuel pipe and tanks, the old ones had badly perished with age. The bumpers etc had been removed along with all door locks and bright work. The r/h door has corrosion along the bottom and will require repair.

Inside the blue trim has aged very well , all bar the frivers door card and appears to be the original trim for the car. It will clean up nicely with a bit of effort I am sure. The dash is very good however, the speedo meter was missing? We have sourced another but it has a black trim that should be chrome. The now rare to find vinyl roof is in useable condition and looks to again be the original item. There are a couple of minor nicks in it and the rear screen is opaque. Not bad though considering its age.

The engine runs very smoothly after a service and some fettling. Gearbox (with overdrive) is still to be tested once we have the cars fuel system back in one piece. Brakes all work including the handbrake, again to be tested once driving.

We are not going to respray the car as we thought that way you can see the quality of the work carried out and offer the car at a cheaper price. Allowing the new owner plenty of scope to either keep on improving the car or just paint as is. We are offering the car to market, knowing there will be further improvements the new owner will want to carry out, but after taking advise we know it is a fair price for such a solid car that when sold, will run and drive while needing no further structural repairs.

Application for a V5 is ongoing as we speak, just waiting for confirmation of the cars authenticity and it can then keep its registration number.

UPDATE: Now inspected by authorised Alpine Club Rep and confirmed as a matching numbers car, produced in March 1965. We have now fitted the cars original twin fuel tanks and replaced the brake master cylinder and the car is now running and driving on its own fuel, so can confirm the clutch, brakes and gearbox all operate correctly.Only driven at low speeds on a private farm road so cannot confirm whether the overdrive engages.

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