Suzuki GS1000 “Special” 1980

Suzuki GS1000 “Special” 1980 £4,995

This GS1000 “special” arrived with us as an unfinished project after a previous owner had spent a lot of time and effort getting it to that stage and then either ran out of time, money or enthusiasm, not sure which?

Shame really as the work that had been carried out was of a high standard but we set about getting it finished and now are happy in the way it has turned out. As you can see by the pictures it has had the front suspension and wheels from a Suzuki GSF1200 Bandit, the wheels themselves are highly polished and fitted with “wavy “brake discs front and rear along with the Bandits brake callipers. The aftermarket, braced alloy rear swinging arm that has been fitted to allow the use of a 180 profile rear tyre is again highly polished and has concentric chain adjusters plus paddock stand bobbins. Up front the clocks have been replaced with a modern full LCD readout system which is now fully functioning and a set of Renthal bars have been fitted.

Bodywork wise the paint has a very subtle gold fleck in it, which we mirrored when having the one off “bespoke” all metal single seat unit made, there are a couple of small marks in the tanks paint but really nothing you would want to respray it for.

Engine and mechanics wise, having been stood we had the carbs sonic cleaned, new plugs , battery etc and now its on the button and revs well, obviously in this weather we have not had a chance to test it properly so once under heavy load there might be a case for re-jetting considering it is on filters and a 4 into 1 exhaust, the exhaust by the way seems quite heavily baffled so no not particularly loud, I personally would “open” it up a bit but that’s up to the next owner.

With prices of standard GS1000s being what they are today, finding a donor bike to customise like this one is getting cost prohibitive so there are not likely to be many “built” bikes like this one appearing for sale, especially at this price which is probably an awful lot less than what has been spent in total. So if you’re into your classic Jap big fours but want something a bit different, have a good look at this one, it might just fit the bill.

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