Suzuki GS750 ” Revived” by us. 1978

Suzuki GS750 ” Revived” by us. 1978 £4,295

This now very nice 1978 GS750, came to us as an abandoned project having spent most of its life left leaning up against it’s owners house in Spain. As always we couldn’t leave it to just fade away and so set about rescuing it and after “a lot” of work i think we have suceeded . Far too many new bits and man hours went into it but hey, it’s another one saved and let’s face it there are no more! Just some of the work carried out is new tyres, tubes and rim tapes, front and rear ( correct size and tubed as meant to be). New brakes front and rear with new braided hoses throughout and a new front brake master cylinder. New chain and sprockets. Fresh paintwork, original undamaged just badly faded. Carbs stripped, sonic cleaned and fully rebuilt, new petrol tap. Oil, oil filter and spark plugs replaced. Wiring gone through and repaired where necessary.  Clocks changed to MPH unit (we do have original kmh clock still) all good but tacho tends to whine when first started but shuts up so hopefully will get better with use. While looking very sad for itself one good thing was having been in a hot dry climate, the lack of any deep seated corrosion, there was no rust to talk of!!

Now fully UK registered on it’s correct age related R plate and in the Historic tax class. So if your looking for a very nice classic Suzuki GS, not mint but blooming good, at a half sensible price this could be it.

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