Suzuki GS850 “Shaft Drive” 1982

Suzuki GS850 “Shaft Drive” 1982 £3,495

Imported from the US in 1996 this lovely old GS850 Shaft drive has survived pretty well and with the massive upswing of prices for there bigger siblings the 1000, prices are now moving upwards and so they should. The GS850G was and still is a great all rounder,  soft enough and with the shaft drive to be an excellent long distance bike but with good enough handling and a grunty engine to be a proper sports tourer when needed.

We have just fitted a new Delkevic 4 into 1 system and as it is running foam filters, had larger jets fitted (no its not been dyno’d but it goes well so cannot be far out). Both tyres were cracked from old age so new ones have replaced them. As you can see paintwork is original and yes bares the marks of time ( its called “patina” nowadays 😉 ) and in all honesty you would ether just leave it as is or would need a full respray. Otherwise all the chassis, wheels, engine etc are in very nice condition O and it has braided brake line front and rear with a receipt for brake master cylinder repair kit plus caliper repair kits and pistons.

So if you don’t want to spend £10k on a nice GS1000 this bike represents a good, more affordable alternative and a new MOT will be carried out in the price..

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