Suzuki GSX1100G “Shafty” 1991

Suzuki GSX1100G “Shafty” 1991 £3,295

This great “bruiser” Suzuki was rare in its day and even rarer today. By using the GSXR1100 motor all be it with smaller carbs and softer cams and equiped with shaft drive, Suzuki made the GSX “G” a great all round bike, one that could tour effortlessly but when needed cover great distances at speed.

After having been stood a while and on arriving with us we found it to be running poorly. The fault was traced to what is becoming more and more of a problem, the ethanol in our modern petrol had basically eaten the original carb floats plus the float level needles and seats!! So on top of the usual oil and filter change a new set of floats, needles and seats and a new set of spark plugs have all been fitted, now it runs properly!

With just under 40K on the clock this good condition example would make a great every day classic or with a bit of work an unusual bike at a classic show. A whole lot of bike at not a lot of money in a world where a moped can be for sale at £10K!!

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