Suzuki GT500 1977

Suzuki GT500 1977 £5,495
This great “survivor” example of a 1977 Suzuki GT500 came to us as a potential restoration project, but on arrival we realised it was just to original to start taking it apart and set about “reviving” it instead, while keeping it original where possible.
Imported from the States in 2019 (that’s what probably saved it, being out there for so long) it does have some signs of age to the chrome parts,the worse bit being between the fork legs on the mudguard, but it’s still solid and ultimately repairable if you did want to take the bike to show levels. There are a couple of chips to the paintwork, mainly on the tank, the rest shines up nicely. Engine wise that big old 500cc 2 stroke twin fires up first kick most of the time and pulls well on the road, gearbox clutch, brakes etc all function correctly and a new chain has just been fitted. Tires are ok but are a bit old so at the asking price will be changed. GT500’s back in the day, were looked on as the poor alternative to the triples and as such were used and abused, then thrown away, now you just don’t see them. Prices are definitely on the up but they still look good value compared to others of the era. This one is offered at £5495, half the price of a good RD400!

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