Suzuki SJ410 LJ Jeep 1986

Suzuki SJ410 LJ Jeep 1986 £2,595

When was the last time you saw one of these? A Suzuki 410 is a rare sight at the best of time, but as a “hard top” they seem to of more or less disappeared with those that are left mainly to be found wallowing around up to their raised axles in mud, being so popular with the Off- road fraternity.

This very straight and tidy example was purchased by a father and son combo as a bit of a project, having basically been tucked away in a garage for most of the last few years. Unfortunately the father has now become quite ill and the son, realising it’s just not going to happen, has asked us to sell this great little Jeep for them.

So what we have is a very solid example with what appears to be just requiring some minor bodywork to the lower edges of the front wings where they meet the bumper, other than that and a minor scrape on one flank the body is remarkably good. Underneath looks very good with no nasties we can see. Inside is more of the same, very good apart from damage to the side of the driver’s seat base from operation of the seat back release lever.

Engine wise all seems good, pull the choke out, turn the key and off she goes with the 1000cc 4 cylinder engine sounding great (we are waiting for the paperwork but can say the on line MOT history seems to suggest that the 95K on the clock is correct). Having been stood there is no current MOT but we have driven on our private road and the gearbox, 4wd, brakes etc all work correctly. You will note that in the pictures the spare wheel, which is a slightly different pattern, is on the car. This is due to the correct wheel having stood with a flat tyre and this has damaged the side wall. The other three tyres are all very good with heavy tread but again are beginning to show signs of age and so may or may not pass an MOT?

Being offered needing some light recommissioning but running and driving, a rare opportunity to buy a non-messed with, original Suzuki Jeep.

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