Volkswagen Beetle Convertible 1972

Volkswagen Beetle Convertible 1972 £3,000

No its not a genuine “Karmann” Convertible but at 25% of the price who realy cares? If you are looking for some classic open top V-Dub fun then this nicely converted 1972 Bug might just fit the bill. Originally bought by a gent to be exported, he then found a problem in his country so9 it has been left with us to sell on his behalf.

Mechanically sound with a very good engine and gearbox, recent replaced rear wheel brake cylinders and a new battery. Nice later seats in the front and a solid body that with a little effort could be easily improved (some bubling under the paint here and there but no rot and very solid underneath), nicer wheels etc. The soft top has a full frame and is to be honest a bit of a faff to put up (bit like a 150,000 pound Ferrari he he), but its there and once up does the job admirably, but thats not what this great little car is about. Get the roof down and enjoy.

Having just got the car out for some extra pictures I made the novice mistake of putting the roof up on a cold day and managed to burst the stiching surrounding the rear window!! This will be repaired in the price.

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