Yamaha RD250 A running riding resto/project bike 1975

Yamaha RD250 A running riding resto/project bike 1975 £3,395

Before we start, no this bike is not mint/restored etc. It arrived with us partially dismantled and with no paint work so we set about putting it back as you now see it and instead of doing our usual thing and going the whole hog, offering it as a cheaper alternative for someone to get the chance to either just use it as is, or as an excellent starting point to restore.

The paintwork is not nice, which is why it was previously removed from another bike, definitely a home brew job as petrol removes the top coat if not careful. The front forks were corroded as normal so have had new stanchions and seals. The front and rear guards appear to be originals which are made of “unobtanium” nowadays, both are solid with good chrome, with the front having some dents. Exhausts have both had a weld near to where they meet the down pipe but otherwise are presentable. The motor starts easily, has “K and N style filters” and is still running the autolube system, the clutch and gearbox are good. Brakes wise a previous owner has fitted a new master cylinder and braided hose to the front and both front and rear work well. All the lighting works well with good switch gear and a nice set of clocks are there too. Both tyres are good, the rear still has hairs on it so pretty new, rims are good and there is what looks like a new chain and sprocket fitted. The seat? Well although it does still have the very rare seat trim (look at what they sell for on Flea Bay) and the cover is salvageable if you want to kepp the original, the base and foam are finished plus there are no hinges.

Looking on the V5 the bike appears to be a UK bike but it is NOT numbers matching as the engine number is different to what’s on the V5 so if that sort of thing worries you its not for you and the bike was originally Blue so if staying red will need to be changed, personally i would respray it back to that rather nice blue they came in, sorted! So there you have it, a sensibly priced early RD that runs and rides no more no less.

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