Yamaha RD80 MX A very rare sought after blast from your youth! 1982

Yamaha RD80 MX A very rare sought after blast from your youth! 1982 £3,495

Originally built to order for a long term friend of ours, this now rare RD80MX was discovered by a contact we use in a shed where it had stood for…..well lets say a long time! Our friend wanted a replica of the bike he had when he was 17 and as, although not in bad condition but it was a black bike, he wanted it in red. After many phone calls we tracked down in Germany, what had to be the last NOS full body kit left in existence, it even had the seat, so at a cost of over £800 it was purchased and used in the rebuild. Starting at the front we went through the bike replacing where required, his remit was he wanted a very nice bike but not one that he could not use so please leave some age to it in places, which i think we achieved (well he was very happy!). Previous to us buying it the piston was replaced and as such the engine now starts easily and pulls nicely, we have not wrung its neck as it still requires a level of running in, but once moving it feels quite willing. Gear box is smooth as is the clutch. Brakes were gone through and work as intended. A new rear shock was fitted as the old ones piston had corroded and was weeping, not badly but it would not of lasted much longer. We did use one from a DT80M/X slightly heavier duty as its new owner is a stone or two heavier than when he was 17 🙂  but aren’t we all! All the electrics work so basically its ready to go.

The bike stayed with us while he was building a “man cave” which was where he was going to keep it, that never happened for personal reasons and soon after asking us to re mot it for him, he has had to take the hard decision to sell it after all that! Lucky for him, although he spent far more than the asking price, the values of all small 2 strokes have risen dramatically, we now live in a world where a mint original UK FS1E Yamaha is valued at well over 5K, so he will not loose to much by selling it.

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