Yamaha TDR125R Rare Belgarda model. Full Power

Yamaha TDR125R Rare Belgarda model. Full Power £2,795

Honestly thought this was just a normal TDR125 when we bought it, all be it a full power one, not your namby pamby 12 hp version we were “allowed” to have here. Turns out to be a rare “R” model complete with a fully functioning power valve system and made by Belgarda in Spain, the company that Yamaha tended to use to develop “specials” prior to production ( Google it for full details, even the frame is different).
We had to sort out a few maladies and are still waiting for the correct fuel tap lever along with its UK registration, but otherwise now Motd and ready to go. One thing else worth a mention is the front mudguard looks a bit like Frankenstein where it was badly cracked and has been plastic welded.It came with another guard, but being a Belgarda model it has Brembo brakes, so the spare does not fit. It is on the rear of the guard so not too noticeable unless you look for it, but worth a mention all the same. £2795

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