Yamaha XS1.1S rare to see version of Yamahas XS1100 “Shafty” 1983

Yamaha XS1.1S rare to see version of Yamahas XS1100 “Shafty” 1983 £3,795

Rare when new and now even more so is this 1983 Yamaha XS 1.1S that apart from the obvious 4 into 1 exhaust system, which incidently sounds very nice, appears to of survived with all of its original fixtures that were perculiar to this model. In genearally very good order it will be supplied with a fresh MOT prior to sale.

Unfortunately at some point in its past, it was deemed as beyond economical repair, probably back when you could still but an FS1E for a couple of hundred pounds! We have been over the bike and apart from one small soft dent on the tank, that in itself does not look like crash damage, we can find nothing obvious, maybe it was stolen recovered, who knows? Either way it rides very nicely, gear box and shaft drive are smooth while the engine pulls willingly. They are a heavy bike but it still picks up its skirt and goes well.

There are some old MOTs and also a hand written record of servicing from 24K miles to 52580 so someone looked after it well. With prices for good XS1100s now regularly over 5K, our last one sold for 6400 and that was not a “S”, even with its history and lets face it very few 40 year old bikes have not been over at some time, it is priced to sell.

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