Yamaha XS1100 1981

Yamaha XS1100 1981 £6,495

Being a 1981 and in this rare colour scheme this particular XS1100 must be a late in the production run bike as production of this model stopped in 81. Not ever big sellers like some of the other late 70s superbikes, GS1000 Z1000 etc and being a shaft drive bike, numbers were never great, this makes it even more rare today, especially to of survived in such good condition. Having spent the last 17 odd years in the ownership of a private collector it has just been recommisioned, carbs striped and cleaned, fresh fuel and fresh brake fluid and now running well and being offered for sale on its owners behalf. Cosmetics are very good, not mint as has the odd marks here and there with a couple of very small soft dents to the tank done from something falling against it while standing, no paint damage and hard to see but all the same, there. Appearing to be pretty well all original apart from the obvious 4 into 1 and according to the rider that delivered it “puling like a train” you could happily use it as every day but classic transport, without worrying to much about getting it wet or if not it would be an excellent base to restore from. Prices are now like all Jap classics, well on the way up for good examples and this one is still affordable to mere mortals. So grab a blast from your past while you still can and just enjoy owning it.
NOTE. Price includes a new MOT prior to collection.

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